Helping you get through a tough time

The first thing we’ll do is listen, then develop a plan to guide you through what is almost always a difficult and emotional process. We have handled hundreds and hundreds of divorces – so we’ve seen almost every possible scenario. In that plan: Are there children involved? What are your expectations for dividing assets and debts? Tracking down all financial and other documents to make sure all assets and debts are accounted for. Going forward we’ll meet with your spouse’s attorney to find out if the case can be settled or if we’ll need to go to trial. We will advocate for you based on your immediate and long-term needs. We will try and give you a timeline, but that’s also dependent on your spouse and his or her attorney. We will keep you informed and give you prompt responses as the case goes forward. If needed, we’ll prepare you for any hearings and trial. And, as always, we’ll help you know if your expectations are realistic within the law.