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The attorneys at McCleskey, Harriger, Brazill & Graf are, first and foremost, in the relationship business. It’s not enough to win a lawsuit or close a deal; our goal is to help our clients succeed and prosper, long after their legal disputes are over. By providing a full array of exceptional legal services to the businesses and individuals who make our community strong, we’re helping to ensure that West Texas remains a great place to call home.

For more than 85 years, McCleskey has been honored to provide personalized, knowledgeable legal services to businesses and individual clients throughout Texas and New Mexico.

Featured Practice Area

Commercial & Civil Litigation

When a dispute becomes a lawsuit, there’s no substitute for an experienced civil litigation attorney. Over the last 80 years, McCleskey, Harriger, Brazill & Graf has developed a reputation as formidable opponents in the courtroom and out.

Simply put, we know how to fight. Our commercial litigation attorneys have vast experience...

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